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New AC & Furnace

So we have made some progress and had a new AC & furnace installed just before the long-weekend. The furnace still needs to be vented, but for the first time in 3 years we have AC! It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the whole house feel newer and more enjoyable.

New AC & Furnace

Dan was home when the installers came, and apparently our heat exchange had a massive crack. So basically, we had potential Carbon Monoxide leaking into our house for 3 years…not great. Ultimately, we are super glad we upgraded the furnace. It’s a great piece of mind and will be a lot more energy efficient, as compared to the previous unit.

Pulled Pork

This weekend we also worked on some outdoor projects. The driveway is re-sealed and the deck has been re-stained. Plus, Dan made a great pulled pork on our Big Green Egg. Overall, it was a great and productive long-weekend.

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