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Another Day, Another Renovation

We’ve been super busy this summer: relaxing, visiting family, etc; but, we are just now getting back to focusing on our renovation and making progress. Last night Dan and his dad finished the sink faucet plumbing. We have the drain, toilet and shower to finish up, and then cement board and drywall can go up….

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Shop The Look – Marie Flanigan Bathroom

Hi guys, it’s been a bit since I’ve done a shop the look post, so I thought I’d dive right in with a gorgeous bathroom by Marie Flanigan Interiors. She has a classic transitional style that I am absolutely in love with. I’ve found some great pieces that would give you the same great look….

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Top Toilets

As we near closer to the finish line on the basement we are selecting our plumbing finishes. I’ve narrowed it down to an American Standard toilet, and a vessel sink from Home Depot. But, since I’ve been looking through toilets and sinks, for the last little bit, I figured I would share my best finds….

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Shop the Look – White & Retro Bathroom

So I thought that I would take the time today and help break down this amazing design by Katie Martinez. This bathroom is white, retro, sleek and glam, and will really hold the test of time. If this is a design that you love, I have broken down the best and most affordable options, so…

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