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Top 10 Baby Products in 2019

With Christmas almost upon us, and the New Year (and a baby) around the corner, now is the perfect time to highlight the top 10 baby products in 2019. Although, I haven’t been able to personally try all these products, a lot of them are on my radar. And, I can’t wait for baby Telford…

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We Are Having a Baby!

We’ve been sitting on some life changing news for awhile now, and want to make it official – we are having a baby! The due date is Jan, 2020 and we are super excited to finally meet the little bean. I have been creeping Pinterest and Insta looking for some nursery ideas, and we have…

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Another Day, Another Renovation

We’ve been super busy this summer: relaxing, visiting family, etc; but, we are just now getting back to focusing on our renovation and making progress. Last night Dan and his dad finished the sink faucet plumbing. We have the drain, toilet and shower to finish up, and then cement board and drywall can go up….

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Amazon Prime Day!

So it goes without saying that today is Amazon Prime Day. A day where everyone who has a Prime account with Amazon can grab some great deals on items that they need or have been eyeing. So, I figured I’d get on board and highlight my top picks. It’s worth noting that other retailers are…

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New AC & Furnace

So we have made some progress and had a new AC & furnace installed just before the long-weekend. The furnace still needs to be vented, but for the first time in 3 years we have AC! It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the whole house feel newer and more enjoyable. Dan was home…

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