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Another Day, Another Renovation

We’ve been super busy this summer: relaxing, visiting family, etc; but, we are just now getting back to focusing on our renovation and making progress. Last night Dan and his dad finished the sink faucet plumbing. We have the drain, toilet and shower to finish up, and then cement board and drywall can go up.

A big surprise is going to be happening later this year, and that means we’ve added another renovation to our list. However, in order to start that renovation we need to finish off the majority of the one we already started.

Which, brings me to the cute things I have found for the basement bathroom that I thought I would share. Later, I will be able to share the exciting surprise with you. It really is a biggie! But, on to the cute and practical things…

The Finds…

Renovation Progress - Simons

How cute is this pharmacy box? I’ve been eyeing one from McGee & Co (here) for awhile now. But, this one is from a Canadian company and is a fraction of the cost. Personally, I think it is going to add a great pop of colour to an otherwise neutral bathroom.

Renovation Progress - Tonic Living

This waffle towel is from a Canadian company called Tonic Living. I’m literally obsessed with waffle towels, (I have no idea why), and the price is good, considering these wouldn’t be used consistently.

Renovation Progress - Amazon

Getting to the more practical bathroom accessories – this waste basket. I think it is a great way to add more texture to the space, and is also budget friendly.

Renovation Progress - Amazon

Last, but not least, our drain trap. The plumbing for the downstairs bathroom sink is exposed, meaning the standard black ABS pipe would show. To fix this, we went ahead and purchased this chrome drain trap from Amazon. It will really polish the space up, and keep it from looking junky.

We are currently eyeing some new doors from Lowes, as well. We should have a lot of new renovation progress updates in the next coming days/weeks. So stay tuned!

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